Proven Forward Thinking.  In 2000 as X-tier we created the first micro Enterprise Resource Planning Portal called the Evolving Virtual Enterprise a.k.a. EVE - a business agnostic adaptive Web-based Enterprise Portal framework.  Then in 2004 we introduced our Countercepts security division and the EVE eContingency Management Center (EVE eMC), a full-fledged emergency management system for college campuses. EVE eMC was adopted by one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.  In 2014 the division and technology were acquired and are now being advanced by a Texas-based investment company.

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Counterspherics Labs  is a combined software and IT consulting company.  Counterspherics specializes in the development of "right-sized" software and software system appliances i.e. pre-installed software on dedicated security tightened hardware; called microsystems.  Counterspherics develops software for the marketplace; including one-time use or "throw-away applications" for research or litigious purposes.  We also provide ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI and PA- DSS security auditing.  Unlike most technology companies, our software eliminates the practice of paying for functionality that will never be used.  This development of custom software is free.   Absolutely no charges or fees for software development.  We absorb this cost.   Once the software is ready for delivery, our customers simply pay for  it*.

Withstanding the Test of Time.  After 14 years, one of the first legacy resistant systems X-tier designed, engineered, and implemented, the Bendix/King (Honeywell Aerospace) Technical Publications Library search and magagement still up and running strong!

In 2000, we  designed and engineered the first commercially deployed autonomous, passive, web-based, counterstriking system for  "Mom and Pop" shops including those for Fortune 500, 250, and 100 companies.  In 2001 we teamed with CiBER Inc. to conduct security forensics for a state county IT department gone rogue which the press dubbed "Nerd-gate."  Over the test of time our employees were repeatedly called upon by IBM, SAIC, EDS, Sprint, Honeywell, Shook Hardy & Bacon, USDA, Clay County Commissioners (Missouri), The Claremont Colleges (California) and many others. 

Counterspherics Labs and 20+ Years of Innovative Success.  Agile Business?  Corporate Compliance? IT to Business Alignment?  IT Security & Continuity?  Emergency Preparedness? Customized Software Architecture  & Development?  That's us! 

It's common for business units to exclude or overlook IT when it comes to strategic decisions.  IT organizations find it difficult to effectively enable a company to produce additional streams of revenue, easily adapt to industry changes and emerging technologies, drive business efficiency, reduce costs, address competition, and comply with legal and regulatory mandates.

Like an eBook versus a paperback; in an age where is it the trend to virtualize everything, we at Counterspherics have adopted a different approach.  Simplicity. Reliability. Security.  Our unique and innovative approach to configuring Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware into our Micro-System Appliances has reduced the cost of business, ensured reliability, availability, portability, maintainability, and most of all - elevated information security; and opened the door to corporate-grade software for smaller business.  We develop software for you...*free!  Ask us how?

*Free development requires acceptance of Counterspherics software purchase agreement terms and conditions.

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